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Building Management Systems

Safe Host has developed its own facility management systems to ensure that any potential problems are identified before they impact customers’ systems. These systems are unified in two web portals:
  • Intranet – for Safe Host staff to monitor systems and manage alarms
  • Extranet/Customer Portal (InsideEyes™) for our customers
Safe Host’s comprehensive Building Management System (BMS) monitors all aspects of the facility including UPS, generators, primary and secondary electrical boards, A/C chillers and units, ventilation units, humidity control, water leakage, security devices,. Interface modules have been developed for the proprietary systems such that all parameters are recorded in a centralised Oracle database.

Monitoring & Alarms

The monitoring system monitors the following items:
  • Building Management System (BMS)
  • Power Supply
  • IP Network – availability and network traffic
  • Servers
In the case of alarms, personnel are alerted by email (for non-urgent alarms) or by SMS (for urgent cases). Events can be followed up by an integrated trouble ticketing system, and events which are connected to devices can be logged.

Safe Host’s IP network is also constantly monitored for equipment faults, packet loss and latency.

Both of these monitoring tools are integrated into a client access interface, InsideEyesTM. Via a secure ID and Login Safe Host’s customers’ systems housed in the data centre can view all aspects of their solution.

All alarms are presented on the web portal in a graphical way, which relates to the physical location in the building.

For measurements such as temperature and humidity, trends can be plotted over the previous weeks or months on an annual basis. The screen below shows hourly, daily, weekly and monthly graphs.

Building Information Centre (BIC)

Safe Host has developed its own inventory system, also based around a central database. This system documents the configuration of the building, location, history and interdependencies of various elements such as panels, chillers, electrical distribution and so on.

The system manages maintenance procedures, and informs staff when regular maintenance is necessary.

Owing to the link with the alarm system, events can be associated with elements of the building and an Event Log is build up for each element. This helps to reduce problems, diagnos faults and increases equipment availability.